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  • Name: Ernesto Cabezuelo
  • Origin: Spain
  • My name is Ernesto and I’m a philology lover whose only purpose is to make you succeed in learning my language while we are having fun. I have been working as an online tutor and imparting lessons over 3 years now.
    I’m a very easy-going person who loves to teach entertaining my students, as the Latin motto says: Docere delectare. I like to divide my lessons into 2 parts:
  • Theory, where, we’ll be covering the main grammar with many real examples.
  • And practice, probably the most terrifying to many of you. Because students tend to be afraid to make mistakes. But this is not the way we have to focus, as mistakes should be seen as a necessary part of the learning process. So uncover your fears and let’s face mistakes together! Come and enrol for a trial lesson!
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